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Some Common but Underused ways to Change your life!

Here’s the list of some common but underused ways by which one can change their life completely upside down. We often practice one or more things from this and it helps too but if all are practiced regularly or more often, one can work wonders.

What more ways can you suggest? I’ll be happy to know and share them the next time under your name.

Self growth

Why Culture matters in the Business?

Having a Culture means having a core system of belief or values which are practiced and reflected in every work of a business.

1. The Business are buit upon the very core beliefs and values, so that’s how Businesses are known and grown.

2. Culture is the way Businesses operate, how every department or sections of business runs, very much depends on it.

3. As it’s built upon values, beliefs and principles, it affects directly to the behaviour of the everyone involved with it, let it be the employees, stakeholders, partners or consumers.

4. When the base or foundation of the Businesses is solid (having clarity of respective values and beliefs), anything build upon would be sustainable despite any kind of storms.

5. Having a culture of values and beliefs help everyone to connect very well with the vision of the Businesses and it also helps nurturing the key relationships to develop the Business.

What more do you think about the Business culture and how it had benefited your business in the past?

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Open up your hearts to your friends so that one day, doctor shouldn’t have to do so!

Understood anything??

Yesterday when we friends gathered to chill a while, we found ourselves talking about the ups and down of everyone’s life. And when some of us were hesitating to open up to others about the problems (no matter personal or professional) we currently face in our lives. A friend jumped in on the conversation and made a bold statement that, “If you won’t open up your heart against your friends then one day you might need a doctor for it”.

Great piece of wisdom here, which at first time might sound awkward but it contains the eternal truth of life.

We all have a very busy life and occasionally troubles seem to never end. And amidst those tensions and responsibilities somewhere we forget to smile, we loose that joy which we possessed once when we were kids but now we are just caught in a loop.

We all have some problems in our life and we all deal with them but as I also shared in my previous post that Aim and Act for Greatness but remember to celebrate the small wins too! We all want to live a happy life, if we don’t take some time to be happy or be full of joy then what are we doing such hard work for?

Friends are such people who always stay by your side, no matter the situations and if a person won’t share the pain in their heart then as I’ve said repeatedly over and over again in my previous blogs that when you keep such things inside yourself, it consumes you and take you towards the path of destruction or make ur life miserable, which might result in several physical health problems, mental stress and heart condition problems.

So, open up your heart to your friends and share your pain to get relieved from it (well, talking about problems, reduces the stress or tension and you have everyone on your side which would not be possible if you didn’t speak up in the first case and possibly someone might have a solution for you too) and you’ll never need a doctor for your heart conditions.

P.S.:- After sharing such words of wisdom and explaining it to everyone, my friend suggested me out to have this written in my today’s blog. Also after understanding it, we did a round of interviews for everyone to know more about each other’s current state of life.

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Aim and act for Greatness but remember to celebrate the small wins too!

In our every day busy life sometimes we forget how lucky we are that we got a family, friends and many other reasons to celebrate the event called life.

Of course we got this life to achieve the greatness that lie inside us but without being grateful for what we got and always struggling to want more will only lead to a stressful and painful outcomes from life.

Just remember that whenever we aim for the peak or summit of the moutain and climb for it, occassionally we look down to enjoy the view and be happy for how far we’ve made it.

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Why we don’t get it done?

When we don’t get the things we need even after trying again and again, we face adversities, the only thing we get is setback or failures then we give-in to the situations and accept it as what it is. Suddenly we feel enlightened that it’s not our cup of tea or we don’t have what it takes or we are not good enough for it as we don’t deserve it.

Here’s where I want to warn is all that it’s most dangerous waters to be on. Trying and not getting is one thing and having second guesses on ourself is whole another thing which might affect to the very core of our personality, our belief, our values, confidence, abilities, self esteem and every other fibre of our very existence and everything connected to it.

See if we really want it done, we would always figure a way out no matter how hard it gets but just because it’s not getting anywhere or not making any progress doesn’t mean it’s our own fault. It might be a fault but in strategy, planning, tactics, execution and among hundred other things anything could have gone wrong or may be we might’ve missed something too. But due to that only if we start doubting ourselves and believe that we are not enough than its just taking us down to path of destruction.

Just a reminder that if we don’t get it then let’s change the course, not the destination.

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Live and let live!

We humans have been given the gift of social harmony, we have the power to use our brains for our betterment, we have the ability to do or achieve anything we desire. Human is called to be the house of infinite possibilities. But today that seems to be going towards only one direction and that is pure destruction.

I know it might sound evil and a little typical these days when everyone shouts off about the climate change and global warming issues with such allegations. But today I wanna talk a different talk.

It’s been ages and as said that humans have come a long way since stone age while living in caves in comparison of today’s skyscrapers era. We’re definitely developed today but still there might be something that suggest some improvisations to make.

We’ve overcome the slave practices, now we are fighting for the equal rights among gender, colour, region and religion. While we still struggle with them there’s another Human behaviour that’s affecting negatively which could also endanger our very existence and that’s our interaction with other life forms on this planet.

We were taught in schools that we are the part of an ecosystem. And ecosystem’s all about living in harmony and all living beings would be dependent on others as we are here to co-exist not to dominate. There is also certain kind of chain, if broken would be hazardous and could cause extinction level situation. Still we like to play with fire and continuously cause harm to other life forms for our comfort and luxury.

I don’t like to go in much details about this but we all know that there’s so much more than meets the eyes. I’m writing this just as a reminder that we are not here alone, this planet is home to other life forms too. So let us live happily and let others live happily too.

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Don’t wait for the opportunity, instead build one.

Do you wait for the time to come and give you a chance to have or do something great? Or you go out try to take chances of doing everything to get whatever you want?

Some people procrastinate on every opportunity in the dream of getting better ones every other time while Some people like to grab on every possible opportunities they get and then there are some people who always stay in the game building possible opportunities, of it worked then it worked and if it didn’t then they learn the lesson and look elsewhere.

If we would wait on the opportunity to come to us then we would be waiting for the rest of our life. That would be like giving the control of our life away on the name of fate.

But the ones who go out and try to build their own paths, no matter how many times they get stumbled and how often they get knocked down, still they will be the only ones who would have attained extraordinary things in life.

When you wait for a chance, you only get what’s given or you get less than you asked for but when you start building, you get more and more coming down your way.

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Who is your Role Model?

A Role Model is someone we admire, we look up to, we wish to be like them or are very much influenced by their charisma. We all know and have this answer but still sometimes the real question still stands “who is your role model?”

In the childhood we would admire and look up to our parents, then we grew a little and in teenage we would admire those cool and stylish friends and then again we grew up and started admiring the people who are better earners or have a better standard of living than ourselves in our young age. In between we might have look up to those cartoon or fictional characters and some actors too and made them our heroes.

See these patterns? As we shift from the phases of our life, our needs and desires changes, so does our role models. Often we hear the comparison of children done with wet clay as they could be shaped in a way they would be treated or handled. Same us true with people and role models.

People could have their parents, grand parents or any other family member also any social worker, a good friend or anyone else as their role model. Even they can consider their future self as it. It not who they consider as role model it’s about what’s in the person who they consider as it.

Think of a die which cast the metals, if a die is defective or of error then it won’t be casting the metals into proper shape. Similarly if we want to be a great human being or a successful person one has to have a role model who’s already at that level. I know even if people are successful or a legend, they are still Human being and they might have err sometimes but the ratio of good to bad should always be heavy on the side of good.

It might be as same as having a mentor or a coach but the real deal is whatever you consider, act towards it with the courage to have those greatness like your ideal. Remember no two person can can always be same, so having role models and ideals will only serve as a source of inspiration, motivation or even better, it can provide you with a better vision.

They are the guide to the greatness your inner self have and channel it into the real world.

So I ask again, who’s your role model?

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SOFT SKILLS Everyone should have!

As from my understanding I think that people need to have some skills that might be important in everyday life. So here I share them.

Sales and Closing or Negotiation skills

Everything in life is selling, from desiring an appraisal from boss to stopping your child from eating those candies.

Communication or Presentation Skills

How one represents himself to the world is a personal branding as world is now having more and more of that, listening to someone is also as helpful as speaking if one wants to provide value whether it’s personal relationship or Business.

Research and Development

In Today’s world of information and internet, one must have the proper knowledge of the things important for them and should also continuously crave for it to have a good growth and overall development of the personality.

Critical Analysis and Problem Solving

One must have this kind of mind which could analyse the situation from every possible perspective, who can take a good look at a situation and can get the best out of it. This also enhances the Decision Making abilities.

Priorities or Time Management

With today’s world being so much filled with materialistic things and life’s getting so busy, one must take a good look at everything and prioritise them according to their needs and benefits and could make some exemptions of those things which are not necessary or could waste a huge amount of time and would never yield much results.

Adaptability and Flexibility

Life’s cyclical, it contains bad as well as good days. In good days we move around with joy but in bad days we might just froze or sit in a corner. One must understand and accept that the life contain all type of things and that’s the part of the journey. One must be able to adapt to the situation and make the best out of it and remain flexible which would Help in scalability. This are the basics for Succeeding in life.

Team Work Skills

We humans are social animals, we live in society, we not only evelop in it but we also develop with it. One person can’t always do the all work and having people around who can Help you with your goals is one of the most beautiful thing in life. So have an understanding with the people around you. Keep helping each other and thrive together to succeed.

Leadership Skill

Everyone is a leader. Even if they don’t lead others there’s one Person they lead on daily basis and that’s their ownselves. So one must be inspired-motivated by a vision that one should have in life. Being good at what one do and at the same time helping others too. And most importantly never ever run away from the responsibilities one have.


How to Increase Sales? Top tips on Sales Strategy!

1. Don’t just speak, listen to your prospects too, listen more and listen them attentively. Sales is more like a communication not a presentation.

2. Don’t push people to buy, instead trigger them to do so. Make them feel like it’s their idea to buy, as people resist when they are tried to get sold.

3. Never go on field without the expert knowledge on product, company and industry.

4. Constantly track the customer behaviour for your industry, that would help you so much to close a deal.

5. Don’t present anything right away, present your product as a solution to their problems.

6. Don’t just sell for sake of selling instead sell to build a relationship, you might want that customer to buy again from you.

7. Provide value to your customers, it’s what they seek.